SDVISION can offer you knowledge and experience in the field of Machine and Scientific Vision and
Automatisation by means of consultancy, development, integration or a combination in the sense of a turn-key
vision solution.

SDVISION is well skilled in applications such as barcode reading, binpicking, deeplearning, AI, Metrology,
microscopy, 1D-2D code reading and verification , 3D imaging, smartcamera solutions, quality control, Image
analysis and processing, pattern recognition.
But also special lighting techniques, odd camera positions, hyperspectral vision, IoT and so on are things we can
offer. Because of this wide range of knowledge we can decide whether a classical machine vision application is
sufficient or if we need to use more advanced techniques.
Throughout the project we value the relationship with our client. By understanding their needs we always try to
find the best possible solution for every problem. If there is a question, we will try to answer it. If there is a
problem, we will try to fix it.
We like to think out of the box, this combined with our technical expertise in various domains helps us to create a
vision system, no matter what the project is.

How do we work?


Whatever your request is, we take time to listen and analyse it. If we believe we can provide a solution we offer you a free quickscan. A “quickscan” determs and defines, like-the-word-says, very quickly and roughly the feasibility of the request. By mutual agreement, and based on the result of the quickscan we decide if we go further to the next step in the process.


Based on a positive outcome of the quickscan and the mutual intention of cooperation, we make you a quote for
your project. This quote contains a proposal of both hardware setup and development cost. This way of working
prevents you, at any time in the project, from out-of-budget issues or unexpected surprises. Therefore the offer
exist always of two parts, the first part called Proof-of Concept (pre-investigation and low-cost) and a second part
the finalisation of the project. Both steps have to be seen as one with in between a milestone, a mutual GO/NO-
GO decision. The proof-of concept is always based on real samples but not necessarily the final hardware, and is
done on-site or in our testing lab.


If the milestone in the previous step is positive for both parties, we commit to the full project. The investigated
work of the proof-of-concept gives the project a warm start.

Step by step, SDVision’s consultation service brings turn-key solutions to fruition. Starting with the clients initial
design requirements, SDVision works with integration specialists through every stage: proof-of-concept, system
development, integration and installation.

With its partners, SDVision has successfully deployed vision systems in the following industries:

      • Medical industry (awareness and content control, …)
      • Industrial vision (Binpicking, quality control inspection, …)
      • Surveillance and Security (face recognition, border control,…)
      • Automotive industrie
      • Research and Development
      • Scientific (lifescience, material)

If you have a new design or application in mind and need a reliable partner, please give us a call or send an email to