Who we are

Founded in 2008 by Stefan de Vilder, SDVision is a leading distributor of vision components and application development. Together with the team we offer you several decades of experience and a wide range of skills, to support your demands and establish a solid relationship.

Solid relationships with suppliers and systems integrators has established SDVision as a trusted source for vision components and technical support.

Located in Belgium, Destelbergen, SDVision serves the entire BENELUX region and beyond.

SDVision’s mission is to show clients how vision technology improves quality, lowers costs, and increases the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

As a major supplier of industrial vision components, SDVision has the industrial expertise to help you develop applications for a wide variety of image processing and industrial vision applications.

Our role is to help you:

  • Select the best components for your application from major vision and optical suppliers.
  • Develop custom vision applications.
  • Seamlessly integrate all mechanical and vision components in the system.
  • Stay within your budget.
  • Resolve technical issues as quickly as possible.

The markets we serve are

  • High End Surveillance and Security
  • Industrial vision (end user, integrator)
  • OEM business & Factory automation
  • Scientific and Research

SDVISION is located in Destelbergen, near the Highway R4-E17, and has in-house test facilities for optical and Imaging Research.